Houston Motorsports Park

Although, it may come as a surprise to some, those that know us can tell you how much we are a NASCAR racing loving family! Since we moved to the area, my husband has been going up to the Houston Motorsports Park. Races are every other weekend and this last Saturday was my first time to be able to visit. It was a really really good time. I have nothing but good things to say about HMP. The staff is great, and the environment is fun and family oriented with snow cones and bouncy castles, but let’s not forget about the racing! That’s what we really came to see, right?? There are several categories of cars that race, and boy do they race! There are Bandeleros (these are the young kids-most of range in age from 8-12 I believe), Legends, the NASCAR Trucks, the NASCAR stock cars, and the NASCAR modifieds to name a few. If you go to Fiesta, you can get tickets for $5; otherwise tickets are $12 at the gate with children 12 and under free. $1 cokes, hot dogs, and beer along with many other very tasty eats are served at the concession stands.  Here is a link to the schedule for the rest of the season.  Such a fun way to spend a Saturday! The next race is August 17th, and it’s $1 Ladies Night with double NASCAR features. Come check it out!!


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