Cheap and Easy Stain Remover

Many years ago, I began this ” lets make everything homemade – get rid of the chemicals – save some money” kick. I went pretty extreme with my new found knowledge for a while but life got busy. There were some products I chose to go back to simply because they were convenient. Although over the last couple years, I have decided to slowly incorporate several things back into my routine. Now…before we go any farther… I completely realize not everyone cares about making products from scratch, saving a few extra dollars, chemicals or any of that kind of stuff. That is ok. Honest. No judgement from this gal. I’ve been on both sides and this is just something that I personally love to do for my family. Regardless of where you stand on the homemade line though, what I have for you today is just downright cheap and easy. Plus it’s not really homemade so we all win.

May I introduce you all to Fels Naptha soap.

stain remover

I use it to grate into my homemade laundry detergent (which it does a great job in), but I also keep a bar and small baby toothbrush by my kitchen sink to use on those stains that need a little extra TLC.

Take this cute little situation for example….

chocolate stained shirt

Some of you may be thinking why doesn’t she just take the shirt off of him… I’ll tell you why in one word – Texas…that sweet baby either gets a sunburn or chocolate gets on his shirt. This mama chooses the chocolate, but once little man finished his treat and came inside, I took his shirt straight to the sink. It really is so easy. All you do is wet the toothbrush ( I use the cheap baby ones as they tend to be much softer on fabric), and scrub it on the Fels Naptha soap until it suds up. Then just use the sudsy toothbrush on the stains. You may need to repeat it a few times but don’t be discouraged if it’s not out 100% before you wash it. There isn’t any need to wash the soap out of the clothing either. Just put it in the laundry basket or right into the washer. It has always come out stain free for me by the end of the cycle. Also, just so we’re clear, this is for normal everyday crazy kiddo/mama type stains. I haven’t tried this on everything under the sun, but it really has worked awesome for me. It’s good stuff. Give it a try sometime, and let me know what you think.


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