Jumping out

I did it…. It’s something that that my family and friends have been really encouraging me to do for a long time, and it’s done. I don’t know how I did it, but I did.

The LoneStar Mama Shop is up and running!! I only have a few items listed as of right now. I really just needed a starting point, and felt those items would be that for me.


rope art 1

cloth letters 1

rice jar 2

There are BIG plans for this little shop though so please keep checking back. I promise to remain diligent with updates and news as often as possible.

On a completely different note, is anyone else completely shocked that it is already October? Another year older, and the years fly by even faster. Have a wonderful weekend friends. I’ll be back Monday with some new goodies to show off.



I’ve been working on getting my Blue & Blonde shop up and running lately. Here is where you can find me on Etsy . The next few weeks I’ll be posting my products for sale, and will give a few previews here at this site as well. The focus will be on baby and small child items with a few mama essentials thrown in. I’m so looking forward to it!