A mid week tip

Cleaning the bathroom. Isn’t that a fun topic for a Wednesday morning?? I’ve got a handy little tip for you though that really will make it a bit easier. Grab a spray bottle, some distilled vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and a good cleaning cloth. I use cheap microfiber ones from Walmart. shower cleaning 5

I found them in the automotive section. There were three of them in the pack for around $6. I very rarely measure anything out  especially with stuff like this so let’s start pouring.  Pour in some rubbing alcohol to about 1/4 of your cleaning bottle, then somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3rds of distilled vinegar on top of that. Top it all off with some water and screw the lid on tight.  shower cleaning 6

I use this little concoction to clean any of my windows or mirrors, and of course the shower glass. Here are some photos of my “before” shower.

shower cleaning 1

shower cleaning 7

and drum roll please…..TA DA…sparkly clean.

shower cleaning 2

shower cleaning 4

Also…it’s stinking hard to photograph shower door grime. I thought to myself I need to get better at that, but who really wants to be known as the chick that can take an unbelievable shower grime photo?? So we’re sticking with these.  🙂

Enjoy today.


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