This is just a quick note with some ideas I’ve been gathering about “Tinkerbell gifts”. If you don’t know what I’m referring to it’s a pretty simple concept. Basically you bring some gifts from home (or I guess you could buy them there although it will be MUCH more expensive) and surprise your kiddos with them at the hotel. Some people do it each night for the kids to find when they get back from the park and some people do it in the morning time for them to find when they wake up. Regardless of the whens and the hows, I think this is such a cute idea. I can very easily see it help deter all the wanting at souvenir shops if they know that Tinkerbell is leaving them something special.  If you have a lot of time to plan ahead it can also be very budget friendly. I have a small tote of things I’ve been finding and many of them have come from the dollar bins at Target or Walmart, and the Dollar Tree.

Here are some of my ideas or things I have already found:

  • Nightlight (Dollar Tree)
  • Disney toothbrush/paste
  • Disney character pajamas ( I see these ALL the time on sale at Target and Walmart)
  • Books (I’m planning on going to 1/2 Price Bookstore and looking for some there)
  • Pool toys -a Disney Character Beach Towel??
  • Maybe put all their “Souvenir Money” on a Disney Gift Card
  • Disney hair clips, bows, hairbands for the girls, or fun, glittery nail polish
    (Doesn’t Target have a young makeup brand called PIXIE??)
  • Playing Cards (I’ve seen Mickey Mouse ones at Party City for $.99)
  • Pennies, Quarters, and a Pressed Penny map
  • Something special to get autographed – pillowcase, a plain t-shirt, a laminated family picture, or maybe a laminated map of one of the parks
  • bubble bath
  • hand soap
  • washcloths (Dollar Tree has really cute Disney ones that start as the round disks then when you add water they expand into a washcloth)
  • Bubbles
  • Disney Kleenex or Wipes were also found at the Dollar Tree (I basically was thinking it would be cute to have a little “arrival bag” to start things off with some basics they may need during the trip)
  • Coloring Books
  • Flip Flops ( Disney Store has a lot of different styles on clearance for $3.99 right now!)
  • Disney T-Shirts  are also on clearance right now at the Disney Store

Those are just a few things to help get the creative Disney juices flowing. My goal is to not spend a whole lot or even buy a ton of useless things, but to try and create special memories for each child. It’s possible I am even more excited then they are! Happy Weekending everyone.


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