We’re heading to Disney World….

mickey_with_disney_family_planning_travel_wallpaper-336x280Yes, we’re heading to Disney world…someday, somehow! Our family is loosely planning to go early next year (2014), but there are a lot of factors involved at the moment. Being somewhat type-A, I have papers, lists, binders, “pins”, and books all around me sorting out the details. I actually enjoy this type of thing. I could get lost in in for hours. I’ve decided to start a series on this blog with all of my Disney World finds. Tips and Tricks, schedules, great websites, and personal lists to try and help out anyone else that may be looking for the same thing. I have never had the privilege of going to Disney World so this series won’t be from the opinion of someone that has “been there; done that” but rather from someone who would love to help take some of the leg work out of your own research.  I’ve got a pretty lengthy post scheduled for later this week full of great tips that I have gathered off of many reliable sites. Be sure to check back soon and we’ll start sorting out this Magical Adventure together!


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